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Caspari GmbH & Co. KG

Paletten & Holzverpackungen

Industriestr. 15
51545 Waldbröl

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A sensible and respectful use of wood is more important than ever to improve the environmental performance of climate change and the associated CO2 emissions.

As a naturally renewable resource, wood is particularly environmentally friendly, provided it is used economically. Our goal is to source this raw material exclusively from sustainably managed forests and process it into ecologically sensible products.

Through a closed wood cycle we keep the environmental impact low because all wood residues are getting recycled. All parts of the produced pallets are used and the main part of the sawn timber are getting processed. The resulting sawmill such as sawdust and wood chips are used in the in-house cogeneration plant for heat production for the operation of the drying chambers and for heating the production halls. All quantities that we do not need ourselves go into the trade, the wood-based material industry and pulp production.

More information about wood circulation

Our finished pallets also fit easily into the material cycle of wood because they are not chemically treated and therefore completely recyclable.

Our wood processing is ecologically and economically as well, further they are mutually binding, because economic thinking and ecological responsibility are inseparably united.